Autocross School, Test & Tune, and More

Our second autocross event took place again at Crows Landing on Sunday, March 26th. Sixty-four drivers were registered and enjoyed autocrossing on the cool and windy day at Crows Landing. Both morning and afternoon sessions afforded five runs to each to all participants, with an average clean lap time of 58.86 seconds.

Teddy Framhein with scored the fastest lap time of 51.881, beating Steve Lau’s fastest time by 0.086 second. Teddy also took the top PAX ranking spot with his PAX time of 50.325 seconds, driving his 2016 Cayman GTS in CC11 class. Congratulations Teddy!

Four first time drivers received personalized coaching with the help of our autocross coaches and Chief instructor for the event – Brant Ballantyne. 

2023 Autocross School: This year, we took our autocross school to a new site at Salinas Airport. 46 new drivers were treated with great weather and even better coaches at the event. Autocross school event was broken into two sessions. The morning session involved going through basic car control exercises – skid pad, slalom and braking. Armed with this knowledge and experience, students braved through autocross course six times during the afternoon session. They averaged a lap time of 33.710 seconds for their sixth run compared to their first lap time average of 40.969 seconds. What an accomplishment! Many thanks to the twenty-nine volunteer coaches for spending their entire day coaching and inspiring the new students.

Autocross Test and Tune Event: Autocross school was followed up by an autocross test and tune event at Salinas airport on April 2nd, where fifty-two participants came out to explore the new autocrossing venue at Salinas Airport. The course selected was a slightly modified version of the autocross school course from the prior day. Everyone got to enjoy seven runs in the morning and seven more in the afternoon. Morning session was run in CCW direction. Course direction was reversed for the afternoon runs.

Congratulations to Mike Koozmin for the fastest lap time of 26.888 seconds in the morning session. Congratulations to Teddy Framhein (that name sounds familiar) for the fastest lap time of 25.907 seconds in the afternoon session.

Our next autocross event is at Crows Landing on April 15th. We have room for walk-ins at this event.

Autocross schedule is posted at

Look forward to seeing all you Autocross Enthusiasts at our upcoming events.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair