GGR Life Members

The Board may recognize sustained membership in and service to GGR by designating individuals as GGR life Members. The individuals so honored are:

NameYear Honored
Karl Keller1995
George Neidel1995
Shirley Neidel1996
James & Jean Ohl2004
William Benz2011
Olen Creech Award Recipients

The Olen Creech Award is GGR’s highest award. It honors members who have made extraordinary contributions to the club over a period of years. It is named in honor of Olen Creech who, for many years, has handled the arduous task of completing GGR’s federal and state tax returns and has never charged the club for this service. The Olen Creech Award is not intended to be awarded every year, but only when merited.

2011Olen CreechFirst recipient, for service as noted in the description of the award above.
2013Bubba GongFor organizing and directing 4 years of charitable fundraising events for GGR.
Perc Bliss Award Recipients

This award honors Perc Bliss, the first President of Golden Gate Region. Each year, the President selects the member(s) who has made the greatest contribution to the club during the year. The recipients of this honor are:

1982Felix Oramas2003Louise Sousoures & Susan Angebranndt
1983Michael Lommatzsch2004Ken Park & Harold Williams
1984Sandi Candlin/Barbara Maas2005Doug & Dana Ambrisko
1985George & Shirley Neidel2006John Celona
1986Michael Lommatzsch2007Andrew Forrest
1987Chet & Lyn Martin2008Matt & Carl Switzer
1988Gary Walton/Bert Wall2009Warren Walker & Mike Cullinan
1989Shirley Neidel2010Claude Leglise
1990Gary Ringen2011Carl Switzer, Mike Cullinan, Warren Walker, and Andrew Forrest
1991Paula Evans2012Michael T. Sherman
1992Gerry Brown2013Andrew Blyholder
1993Chet Martin2014Elaine Macey
1994David Kimes2015(not awarded)
1995Steve Group2016Brad Kellett
1996Bill Newlin2017Bryan Phan
1997Carolyn Lusk2018Michael Griffin
1998Louise Sousoures2019Bubba Gong
1999Dave & Sheila Dunwoodie2020
2000(not awarded)2021
2001Howard Yao2022
2002Larry, Linda & Greg Adams2023Himanshu Patel
Don Lang Memorial Award Recipients

The Don Lang Memorial Award is presented annually to the GGR member who most exhibits the spirit of good sportsmanship and service to the Club as shown by Don Lang, in whose memory the award is presented. The recipient is selected by nomination of the Track Director and/or Board of Directors and approved by vote of the Board of Directors. The honorees are:

1985Ed Clement2005Jay Dugan
1986Cecil & Carol Beach2006Gary Dorighi
1987George Neidel2007Mike Cullinan
1988Troy Lothrop2008John Seidell
1989Ken Mack2009Ross and Paulette Johnson
1990Dennis Tholen2010Paul Marty
1981Charlie Arolla2011Heath Spencer
1992Dan Cowell2012Tim Smith and Kim Garcia
1983Diane Kimes2013Paul Larson
1994Brian Perry2014Milo & Diane Dorr
1995Bill Newlin2015(not awarded)
1996Larry & K. C. Sharp2016(not awarded)
1997Pattie DeMartini2017Paul Marty
1998Masuo Robinson2018Sharon Neidel
1999Scott Yeaman2019John Teasley
2000Bill Benz2020(not awarded)
2001Laurie Yonk2021Dan Thompson
2002Bill Benz2022(not awarded)
2003Hank Watts2023Steve Taty
2004Karen Neidel
Don Matthews Memorial Award Recipients

The Don Matthews Memorial Award is presented annually to the new member(s) who most represents the enthusiasm and spirit of Don Matthews, in whose memory the award was presented. The honorees are:

1976Rosemary Humphreys2000Olen Creech
1977Robert Sherman2001(not awarded)
1978Keenan & Donna Jean Cassidy2002Robert Murillo
1979Michael Lommatzsch2003Howard Yao
1980Mark Gang2004(not awarded)
1981Felix & Reina Oramas2005Chet Bottone
1982Danielle Maddox2006Jim McClelland
1983Jack Kuhn2007Larry & Loren Burgess
1984Rick Guide2008Laura Mercier
1985(not awarded)2009(not awarded)
1986Teresa Neidel2010Carl & Matt Switzer
1987Bob & Karen Crookshank2011Mike Koozman
1988David & Diane Kimes2012(not awarded)
1989Stacy Lynd2013Ralf Dossman
1990Anne West2014Linda Adams
1991Lloyd & Pattie DeMartini2015John Seidel and Howard Yao
1992John & Lynn Chakel2016(not awarded)
1993Esther Ho2017(not awarded)
1994Ross & Lauren Merrill2018(not awarded)
1995Dennis & Lisa Yearton2019(not awarded)
1996Bob & Marianne Gardner2020(not awarded)
19972021John Ahearn
19982022(not awarded)
19992023Jie Mao & Diana Bogorodskaya
Competitive Event Of The Year

The Competitive Event of the Year is selected by the Board of Directors. Past winners are:

1990Parade Autocross2009Warren Walker & Mike Cullinan for club race at Thunderhill
1991Time Trial2010Autocross Series, Joe Lee & Chris Hamilton
1992High Speed Drive, David Kimes2011(not awarded)
1996Inaugural Club Race, David Kimes2012Carlsen Concours: Larry Adams
1997Urban Assault Rallye, Bob Gardner2013(not awarded)
1999Time Trial Series, Masuo Robinson2014Laguna Seca DE: Kim Garcia, Craig Lisowski, Tim Smith, and Heath Spencer
2000Autocross Series, John Seidel2015(not awarded)
2001Autocross at Candlestick, Bill Newlin2016Carlsen Concours: Larry Adams
2002Sears Point Club Race, Masuo Robinson2017Autocross Series: Andrew Blyholder
2003Autocross Series, David Leong2018(not awarded)
2004Sears Point Time Trial, Ken Park2019
2005Carlsen Concours2020
2006PRC/TT: Andrew Forrest & Masuo Robinson2021Sonoma DE/CR: Jim McClelland
2007Carlsen Concours: Larry Adams2022Sonoma DE/CR/Tour/Cars&Coffee: Howard Yao and Gilbert Bouzeid
2008(not awarded)2023Time Trial Series Returns: Howard Yao
Social Event Of The Year

The Social Event of the Year is selected by the Board of Directors. Past selectees are:

1990Death Valley Tour2009Awards Banquet, Mark Powell
1991Christmas Party201050th Anniversary, John Celona & Bubba Gong
1992Time Trial Awards Banquet, Charlie Arolla2011Volunteer Appreciation Day, Bubba Gong
1996Tech Session Series, David Blanchard2012All of Them, Joe Sweis
1997Death Valley Tour, Croom Family2013(not awarded)
1998New Member Socials, Louise Sousoures2014Highway 1 to Wine Country: Sukesh Mohan, Thom Ruben, and Alice Yeh
1999GGR Night at Altamonte, Larry Sharp2015(not awarded)
200040th Anniversary Party, Karen Neidel2016Fun Run to Santa Barbara: Gilbert Bouzeid, Robert Habibi, Brad Kellett, and Sanjay Rao
2001Agricultural Tour, Rob Neidel20172017 Holiday Party
2002Krote Tour, Larry & KC Sharp2018
2003Adopt-a-Highway, Jean Ohl2019
2004Yosemite Tour, Alfred Abken2020
2005Boxster Brunch, George Grialou2021Gilbert’s Drive Event
2006New Member Social: Louise Sousoures2022Sonoma DE/CR/Tour/C&C: Howard Yao & Gilbert Bouzeid
2007Team visits at Infineon and Laguna Seca: Mark Powell2023Annual Awards Lunch: Wen Shen
2008Vasona Picnic, Mark Powell
Enthusiast Of The Year Recipients

An Enthusiast of the Year is only selected by the Board of Directors when an individual’s service to GGR so warrants. Past GGR (PCA National Lazar-Blanchard Memorial honorees designated with *) honorees are:

1966Burt Propp *2005John Seidell
1971Dwight Mitchell*2006Paulette Johnson
1975John Clever*2007Andrew Blyholder
1979John Johnson2008Paul Larson
1981Bill Patton *2009Larry Adams
1990Michael Lommatzsch *2010Andrew Forrest
1991K. C. Sharp2011(not awarded)
1992Larry Sharp2012Elain Macey
1994Chet Martin2013(not awarded)
1995George Neidel *2014(not awarded)
1996Lloyd DeMartini2015(not awarded)
1997Sharon Neidel2016Alice Yeh
1998Louise Sousoures2017Himanshu Patel
1999Mike Mitchell/Donna Sylvanovich2018Eric Portzline
2000Howard Yao2019Vincent Piccelli
2001Larry Adams2020
2002David Leong2021Tim Collins
2003Dean & Laura Thomas2022Ed Burghardt
2004Neil Librock2023Connie Lu
Family Of The Year Recipients

A Family of the Year is only selected by the Board of Directors when a family’s service to GGR so merits such recognition. Past GGR (PCA National honorees designated with *) honorees are:

1975Neidels *2007Johnsons
1978Johnson/Candlin family2008Kosts
1982Zaccones *2009Gershs
1985Neidels *2010Hamilton Racing
1990(not awarded)2011(not awarded)
1992Arollas/Yeartons2013John Celona & Bubba Gong
1996(not awarded)2014Sharon Neidel & David Bunch
1997Creeches2015(not awarded)
1998Dugans2016(not awarded)
1999(not awarded)2017Castles
2000(not awarded)2018Neidels
2001(not awarded)2019(not awarded)
2002Murrays2020(not awarded)
2004McGuigans2022(not awarded)
2006(not awarded)