Thundering through the hills: A great track weekend

We all just got back from Thunderhill last night, so things are still very fresh in my head. First of all, it was about as perfect of a weekend as I could have hoped for. The rain that came down hard at Willows on Friday moved on, so our weekend weather was perfect – high 60s to low 70s. With all the rain for the past few months, the rolling hills were all green with an intense bloom of yellow flowers.

The driving was also nearly perfect. On the HPDE side, the students were great and progressed nicely as we saw smoothness and speed climb up while lap times started dropping down. The certified drivers looked sharp with quite a few drivers achieving personal best lap times (including myself). The first Club Race of the season was also a huge success, a strong field of over 30 racers, pushing each other hard, but not an incident all weekend. Hard and clean racing is just the best. So I wanted to thank all the participants for showing excellent car preparation and good judgement on the track. 

Just a reminder, if you own a Porsche Macan or Cayenne, you are totally welcome to come out and play on the track as well. I’ve instructed a couple students in SUVs recently and the cars handle pretty amazing considering their size and weight, the engineers in Stuttgart definitely know what they are doing. 

Registration for our next event at Buttonwillow has just opened, so please consider joining us in the central coast to experience this wonderful track.

Finally for those of you that are considering getting into club racing, there is a new car class that is being offered. The class is called ME1 Spec and it is intended for 2.7 liter Boxsters and Caymans that were produced between 2000 and 2008. So if you’re looking into building a race car, there is a new class to consider. Here are the specs:

See you at the track!

Howard Yao