Autocross season is in full swing

Autocross #3: 

Our third autocross event took place at Crows Landing on April 15. Fifty-five drivers were treated with twelve runs on another long course designed by Paul Smith. Average lap time of 70.233 seconds was achieved by these drivers. Autocrossing does not get any better than this.

A familiar theme emerged at the top, with Monty Pack taking the honors for Top Time Of the Day with a lap time of 59.015 seconds over Teddy Framhein’s lap time of 59.059 seconds. Teddy took the Top PAX time of 57.287 over Monty Pack’s time of 58.307. This battle is always entertaining to watch! Still waiting for Monty to break his discipline and take ALL his allotted runs at a PCA event.

Few noteworthy class battles:

Autocross #4: 

Our fourth autocross event took place at Salinas Airport against the backdrop of an active runway. This new site is quickly growing on all participants due to its proximity and mild climatic conditions. May 7th event was our first points paying event at this new site. Bill Charron designed the course that offered great competition in all classes as well as for drivers competing for PAX championship. The morning session afforded four runs with an average lap time of 34.775 seconds. Drivers stepped up their game in the afternoon with an average lap time of 33.969 seconds. Must be the renewed energy intake from Flying Artichoke Restaurant sandwiches.

By the time dust settled early afternoon, Monty Pack took the Top Time Of the Day with a lap time of 28.915 seconds in his 2018 GT3, beating Drew Powers’ fastest lap time by 0.515 second. Drew Powers, sporting new tires and new suspension in his 2014 Cayman S, returned the favor by garnering the Top PAX time of 28.547 seconds with a margin of victory of 0.021 second over Monty. Congratulations Monty and Drew!

Six first time drivers received personalized coaching with the help of our autocross coaches and Chief instructor – Monty Pack. It is always nice to see new drivers joining at our events and continuing to  stay engaged with the program.

Upcoming event:

Our next autocross event is scheduled for June 10. Please note the change in venue to Salinas Airport. We are excited to switch to this larger venue. Registration will open on May 19th at 8:00 AM. Registration site is –

Autocross schedule is posted at

Look forward to seeing all you Autocross Enthusiasts at our upcoming events.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair