Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for May

Porsche Club of America

Golden Gate Region 

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

3 May 2023


XPresident – Ed HunterXAutocross – Himanshu Patel
XVice President – Brad ZucroffXMotoring – Gilbert Bouzeid
XSecretary – Melinda LinXTrack – Howard Yao
XTreasurer – Canyon ChanXNugget Editor – Jim Tierney
Membership – Wen ShenXWebmaster – Chris Hamilton
XSocial – Kate Efremova

Call to Order at 6:05 PM


  • Porsche SF Preview Event Discussion: June 3 at 10am, 8th St/Van Ness, Cars Diwittiak/Lotus/Old Mercedes
    • Kate to take over for planning, Ed will be in Europe
    • Dealership will not be open yet, 40 spots preopening tour
    • Reach out to other dealerships to sponsor events
      • Ed to reach out to Charlie
  • Luft 9/Air Comments
    • 500-600 cars, usually in LA, should check out if come up to Northern California, on Mare Island
  • Presentation of Lifetime 2021 Membership Award to Terry Zaccone
  • Track Financial Discussion
    • Budget review
      • 1st Event TH  = $4k loss
      • 2ndEvent TH  = $2k loss, final costs not done yet
      • 3rd Event BW = estimate $7k loss, but reg still not closed, DE47registered/51 budgeted ppl for Sat, club race is in the range
      • -$13k just the events, should be down by $2k by estimates, only using 1/3 of sponsorship dollars
    • Sonoma Friday discussion, +$40k, $20k from Diablo, we cover the difference $20k – will we break even? Last year barely came in black, forecasted for $10k gain, Covid vs economy, only do Sat/Sun, can we drop Friday?
    • Laguna 3 day event, more famous/desirable
  • PCA Quarterly Subsidy $10k received
  • Sponsorship
    • Leads
    • Structure – more stratifications/levels, Review the ranking/differential for branding/logo space
  • Subsidies Status:
    • Multi 1-$500 (AX-received)
    • Multi 1-$750 (Track-May event-approved and submitted)
    • Charity $750 (Concours) – still needed
    • New member $500 (Membership) – still needed


  • No updates



  • April financials APPROVED
  • $150k checking acct ($200k/years past $250k) – seems to be ok

Membership Director:

  • Membership Update and vote to accept 25 new members APPROVED
  • Total 3,744
    • Primary Members: 2,579, Honorary/Lifetime 23, Affiliate 1,165, Regional 3,744
    • National Active Members 155,947, Primary Members 101,295, Co-Members 53,829

Autocross Director:

  • Post-mortem on AX3 (Crows) = 55 attendees, cash flow +$1500, like lunches – too far out, subsidize
  • Upcoming events (AX4), Insurance status? Salinas event
  • 6/10 Laguna @ turn 1 & 5 club 
  • Insurance AX cash flow (-), $50 credit to instructors, all events cash flow positive 

Track Director:

  • Post-mortem on DE2
  • Upcoming events (DE3 – Buttonwillow)
  • TH 4 add Time trialing on Sun, generic classes, generate excitement, trophies, maybe at Sonoma and Laguna & future events

Motoring Director (virtual):

  • Upcoming events in May/other updates: Cinco de Mayo Drive, Wine Country Overnight
  • The Cinco De Mayo Oysters (Hog’s Island) Touring Drive and Social Event
    • Event Planners: Stacy Suen and Gilbert Bouzeid
    • Event Date: May 6th
    • Registration link: 
    • Event sold out in 45 seconds, suspended the registrations after an hour, propose lottery system? Split it over consecutive weekend, or open for the end event
  • Mammoth Lakes Porsche Tour updates
    • Due to the Extreme weather conditions this year, and due to the Porsche Parade schedule in June, the Mammoth Lakes Porsche Tour was rescheduled to October timeframe (the date is not yet set by PCA Sierra)
  • What’s Next?
  • The Shenandoah Wine Country Overnight Adventure (2 days event)
  • Shasta Tour / PCA GGR Caravan
  • Event Date: June 8 to June 12th
  • Motoring event at Sonoma
    • Parade lap? Need to coordinate with Howard for waivers to be signed, instructors available for the lap, limit size; good feeder into DE
  • Himanshu to coordinate with future DE events for smaller, tighter events, with escorts

Social Director:

  • Post-mortem on April C&C event
  • 4/29 Sausalito, 14 cars, conflict in schedule with another event
  • Feb Half Moon Bay made contact with Black Sheep Racing team -want to do events together 6/16-18 at Sonoma, co-hospitality event
  • AG Professional Detailing in San Jose in the future, a tech teaching session
  • Promo w Chris Lennon, The Peak of Racing, possible event
  • C&C for Laguna and Sonoma events 
  • 6/10, 11-12 Porsche RWC 75 yr birthday, invite whole club, each dealer will be hosting own event


  • Restored website and pages
  • Blog posts still need to be imported, posted and stored
  • Award winners posted from older sites
  • AX results and photos (needs to be filtered & monitored, not general photos) are next, like LPR
    • Table in I Frame – needs assistance to be like LPR
    • Calendar on IOS device but it does not show up, sometimes takes a while to load 
    • Zone 8 Car classification  – we should be able to load/transfer with prior agreement

Nugget Editor:

  • Can now post new blogs, issue due to passwords access
  • Next Issue Deadline 5/10
  • Add history column in future issues, quarterly? Laguna, TH and Crow’s Landing track history 

Adjournment @ 8:15PM

Topics for discussion:

Next Board Meeting: Weds May 31 (same location)