Our Motoring Adventures are unstoppable 🏎️🤩

On Thursday, May 18th, all 16 Porsches, with their 30 drivers/passengers, were ready to embark on the Shenandoah Wine Adventure planned by Frank Vanson! We departed from our initial location around 9 am and had one of the most enjoyable drives ever on new and unique twisty roads, far away from the Bay Area! The total drive time was about 5 hours, interrupted by an amazing outdoor lunch, a few pit stops, and a visit to a historical site that included a scavenger hunt! 🤩

We arrived at our hotel destination by 4 pm, where we were greeted with warm cookies, appetizers, and delicious wine from the region! After a few cheers, we headed to a high-end culinary restaurant where members had the choice between 3 or 5 courses for dinner. It was a night filled with cheers, and we ended up back at the hotel next to an outdoor fireplace, enjoying more wine and roasting marshmallows over the fire! 🍷❤️‍🔥

The next morning, after a wonderful and freshly baked breakfast, Frank led a walking tour guiding the group through the historical town we were in. By 11 am, we visited several wineries in the region before meeting up again at a major winery with a beautiful setup, where we all enjoyed an amazing picnic lunch!

In the early afternoon, we made our way back to the Bay Area, through some more amazing and fun routes! 🤩

What an amazing 2 days adventure it was!! I could not thank Frank Vanson enough for planning and organizing this amazing event!! Over 90% of participants mentioned in the Survey that this event was “one of the best event of the year” – Unless we have another event that “beats” this 90% value, Frank will be winning (again) the “Best PCA GGR Motoring Fun Run of the year 2023” 🤗

As a treat we created a video about this event, check it out at: https://youtu.be/a0h6D73yYgc  

Big thanks also (additionally to the event planner Frank), to all the volunteers for this event: Gilbert, John/Cheryl, Chris, and Shai/Hedva!

Looking ahead, what’s next?

  • Shasta Tour / PCA GGR Caravan
    • PCA GGR Caravan Date: June 8th – PCA Shasta Tour June 8th to 12th
    • PCA GGR Caravan Registration link: http://msreg.com/2023pcaggrswt3 (only PCA GGR Members registered in the PCA Shasta Tour can attend the caravan)
  • PCA GGR Carmel Drive
    • Event Date: Saturday July 15th
    • Limited to 40 cars 
  • Mt. Diablo Monte Carlo TSD Rally
    • Event Date: Saturday July 29th
    • This is a multi-region event: Redwood Region, the Diablo Region, and the Golden Gate Region

So looking forward to seeing you all in our amazing and fun upcoming motoring events 🤗


Gilbert Bouzeid, PCA GGR Motoring Director