Member Gatherings

Spotlight of the month: Do you know Nick Seidl? 

We are excited to introduce you to our latest spotlight feature, Nick Seidl, a member with incredible energy and passion for life, felt by everyone around him.  Nick is a dedicated enthusiast of travel, landscape, photography, and most importantly, Porsche!  Learn more about him and his personal story here! (Don’t forget to ask him about his recent Alaska trip!)

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GGR Celebrates at Auto Vino!

It has been a hot summer! Despite the heat, the weather wouldn’t deter 150 happy attendees from enjoying a fantastic GGR membership social event, held at Auto Vino on July 1st. Members and co-members celebrated the lunchtime event with food, wine, and great conversations. The presence of new members also added a refreshing energy and excitement to the festivities. We hope this event was the start of many incredible experiences to come.  For those unable to attend, or the attendees wanting to reminisce about the amazing event, here is a recap of the highlights:

During the event, each GGR board member hosted stations throughout the venue. They shared details about upcoming track days, autocross, touring drives, social events and much more. We hope you had the opportunity to engage with each board member and gain valuable insights into the various activities on the calendar!

The event also featured a special guest speaker, Chris Lennon, the author of “The Peak of Racing.” He truly captivated us with countless personal and inspirational stories. Hope he motivated you to pursue your own Porsche adventures.  Who’s ready for a drive?

Of course, delicious food, fine wine, and awesome raffle prizes are keys to a successful and wonderful membership social event. Didn’t win a prize? No worries! There will always be an opportunity at the next event!

Your feedback is essential to us! We highly value your opinion and encourage you to provide your thoughts and suggestions.  Help us create more memorable events and experiences!

Looking ahead, we are actively working on our next GGR member event, scheduled for the November timeframe. You don’t want to miss out. Stay tuned for more updates and details!

Wen Shen

Membership Director