Time Trial Awesomeness


We got back last month from Thunderhill for HPDE #4, Club Race #3, and Time Trial #1. The first three events of the season were under-attended, so I was digging a small financial hole for the track season. However attendance at the last event at Thunderhill was much stronger than anticipated, so we are back on track for the season. Thank you to all the track regulars for your continued support and thanks to all the students and new drivers to GGR to help grow our track series!

Registration for Sonoma is open right now on MSR. Diablo is hosting Friday, August the 4th and GGR will be hosting the weekend,┬áso if you haven’t registered yet, now would be a good time. Also don’t forget our three day weekend at Laguna Seca, September 15-17th to experience this world famous track with newly paved surface!

Getting back to Thunderhill, this was the first time we ran Time Trials in well over a decade. We had 19 drivers participate in this inaugural event and we hope to grow TT participation even more – Class Trophies and Lap Records are all at stake! Here are the results for TT#1:

ClassNameModelNumberTT#1 Thunderhill
TT1Chasen GarciaGT4 CS3561:56.4020
Robert EpsteinGT31141:56.6116
TT2Sean O’BoyleGT4672:03.2920
John MaiGT42772:04.6416
Anton D’Auria91122:06.8013
Jie Mao911 C2S192:07.7411
Kurt EckhartGT4972:09.119
Peter MondaviGT4332:09.417
Andre BouleGT36132:11.135
Paul MillerGT42142:12.773
TT3Pierre GaglioneCayman S1172:04.0020
Allston MickeyCayman S8602:07.3316
Dan ZitterCayman S622:08.9313
Lee YuCayman S082:10.5611
Scott KalkinCayman S9272:12.009
Thwen ChaloemtiaranaCayman212:16.707
TT4Bryan Hurlbut964 C29642:16.7520
Chris Utter9443522:29.8216
FunHoward YaoEvora GT252:04.82

Finally, I wanted to share the Club Race results as well:

Sprint Race 1
GT3Alex Steele1976 9114161:57.923
GTD1David FabiGT4 CS242:00.501
911CupAllen Wilt1972 911272:01.478
GTA3Mark Williams991.2 Cup4342:03.324
GT4Joe Schubert1979 911072:07.521
SPBTim Smith1998 Boxster072:08.311
Sprint Race 2
GT3Alex Steele1976 9114161:57.259
GTD1David FabiGT4 CS241:59.209
911CupAllen Wilt1972 911272:00.896
GTA3Mark Williams991.2 Cup4342:02.757
SPBTim Smith1998 Boxster072:06.764
Sprint Race 3
GTD1David FabiGT4 CS242:00.515
911CupAllen Wilt1972 911272:00.512
GTA3Mark Williams991.2 Cup4342:02.066
SPBDoug Boccignone1997 Boxster582:08.746

Congratulations to all the drivers that participated in a fast and safe weekend!

Onwards to Sonoma!!!

Howard Yao

PCA-GGR Track Chair