Welcome back to another round of the Porsche GGR Membership Updates! 

Revving It Up with Jamal – Our Latest GGR Spotlight

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on Jamal, a GGR member synonymous with driving fast and sharing his love for a thunderous car engine! If you’ve met him on one of our GGR drives, you’ll know what we mean. Not only is he a Porsche enthusiast, but he is also an active volunteer who goes above and beyond to make our events successful.  Get ready to be inspired by Jamal’s passion and his deep connection with the roaring world of Porsches.

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Flashback to Porsche Redwood City GGR Concours

Did you miss the August 6th Porsche Redwood City GGR Concours? No sweat, we’ve got your back with a bunch of fun photos from the event. Check out the lineup of Porsches, each with its own unique story and style, all sparkling in the sunlight. Special kudos to Brook, proud owner of the 997.2 GTS, for his 1st place tie in the street division! 

Mark your calendars for the next one. You won’t want to miss the chance to join in the Porsche love fest!

Do you know your Porsche Membership is now available in Digital Form!

Have you heard the buzz from PCA? Say goodbye to that old-school membership card and say hello to the digital version! You can now opt in for the digital membership card on your Apple or Android digital wallet.

To learn more or opt in, visit https://www.pca.org/members/digital-membership

Set It and Forget It: Auto Renew your membership.

Okay, let’s talk convenience. Ever heard of Auto Renew? No more worrying about membership renewal dates or navigating through manual renewals. It’s as easy as a few clicks. Just log in to your PCA.org account, locate the little checkbox for auto renew, and you’re good to go. It’s the easiest way to keep your Porsche passion alive without any membership hiccups.

Congratulations, it’s your GGR anniversary!

A big shoutout to our members celebrating their anniversary with GGR! Your commitment and enthusiasm inspire us, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

50 YearsSteven Scott(OAKLAND)-1989 911 Carrera 4
45 YearsWendell Tong(Walnut Creek )-1964 356 cabriolet
40 YearsEdmund Ong(SAN FRANCISCO)-1976 911
30 YearsColm Campbell(Saratoga)-2005 911 GT3
 Hubert Lee(EMERALD HILLS)-1994 911 Carrera 2
 Gary Du Haime(BETHEL ISLAND)-1987 944
25 YearsMonte Hill(DALY CITY)-1970 911E
 Ed Priest(Palo Alto)-2008 Cayman S
20 YearsAlex Kilgo(Burlingame)-1991 911 Turbo
 William Harries(Boulder Creek)-1987 944
 Elwood Johnson(PACIFICA)-2003 Boxster
 Clint Bergst(Orangevale)- 
15 YearsJohn Jefferies(SANTA CRUZ)-1976 911
 Daniel Cooper(SAN RAFAEL)-1995 911 Carrera
 Scott Taylor(El Sobrante)-1977 911
 Scott Miner(Pleasanton)-1970 914
10 YearsAvery Diamond(Burlingame)-1995 911 Carrera
 Craig Boyle(Los Altos)-1987 944 Turbo
 Zan Aronowitz(Los Altos)-2011 911 Turbo
5 YearsJonathan Heiliger(Palo Alto )-1996 911 Carrera
 Donald Conant(Santa cruz )-1997 911 Carrera 4S
 Ron Chang(Redwood City)-2015 911 Turbo S
 Karen Quong(San Jose)-2016 Cayman
 Allen Chen(Cupertino)-2013 911 Carrera
 Michael Giuntoli(Sacramento)-1999 911 Carrera
 Chris Gerdes(Los Altos)-2006 Cayman S
 David Casarez(Morgan Hill)-2012 911 Carrera S
 Bob Skubis(Los Gatos)-2013 911 Carrera S Cabriolet
 David Graziano(Menlo Park)-1996 911 Carrera
 Randy Acres(Pinehurst)-1977 911S Targa
 Bruce Moco(Kensington)-2016 Cayman
 Thiago Pereira Rocha(Santa Clara)-2012 911 Carrera S
 Phillip Dixon(San Francisco)-2018 911 Carrera GTS
 Anthony Chiu(Hillsborough)-2011 Boxster Spyder
 John Assunto(Menlo Park)-2002 911 Carrera 4S

Wen Shen

Membership Director