GGR Adrenaline Rush Weekend at Sonoma Raceway


Just coming off of the adrenaline rush of a three day weekend at Sonoma Raceway (aka Sear’s Point for the more experienced demographic…). Friday had glorious weather and things got hotter on Saturday. By the time Sunday afternoon came around, it was pretty darn hot – it was a good weekend to splurge on a garage stall. The layout of Sonoma demands respect and the drivers drove it with respect, but still safe and fast. Laguna Seca is the next destination, but by the time you read this, the event would have been long sold-out.

After Time Trial #2, the season standings are posted below. As you can see, setting a hot lap is important, but just as important is consistent participation for season points. Chasen is dominating in TT1, Sean can’t make Laguna, so John Mai will be in position to win TT2. TT3 has a three way tie, so that’s for the taking. Chris is wringing every HP out of his 944 and leading TT4.

ClassNameModelNumberTT#1 ThunderhillTT#2 SonomaTT#3 Laguna SecaSeason Points
TT1Chasen GarciaGT4 CS3561:56.40201:45.332040
Robert EpsteinGT31141:56.6116016
Kevin GrayGT33301:48.541616
Kelly GuglielmoGT39901:52.291313
TT2Sean O’BoyleGT4672:03.29201:52.621333
John MaiGT42772:04.64161:52.431632
Anton D’Auria91122:06.80131:55.24922
Jie Mao911 C2S192:07.74111:54.521122
Paul ThompsonGT378201:50.642020
Peter MondaviGT4332:09.4171:57.58714
Kurt EckhartGT4972:09.11909
Paul MillerGT42142:12.7732:01.3658
Andre BouleGT36132:11.13505
Craig Largent997 4S7302:03.8333
TT3Pierre GaglioneCayman S1172:04.0020020
Don OatesCayman S5601:59.702020
Thwen ChaloemtiaranaCayman212:16.7072:08.871320
Allston MickeyCayman S8602:07.3316016
Behrouz NamakshenasBoxster S6402:02.751616
Dan ZitterCayman S622:08.931313
Lee YuCayman S082:10.561111
Scott KalkinCayman S9272:12.0099
TT4Chris Utter9443522:29.82162:10.561329
Bryan Hurlbut964 C29642:16.7520020
Christian StangierBoxster S66102:02.902020
FunHoward YaoEvora GT252:04.82

With nearly 50 Club Racers converging to Sonoma from all over, here are the results for the three Sprint Races:

ClassNameModelNumberBest Lap
Sprint Race 1 Class Winners
GTA3Bob Mueller991.2 Cup1281:40.102
GT3Brian Lowrance1969 911441:40.100
GTA2Ana Predescu997.2 Cup1001:45.118
GT4Tom Weber1992 911541:45.320
GTD1David FabiGT4 CS241:48.133
911 CupAllen Wilt1972 911271:48.416
SPBDaniel Shofner1999 Boxster461:52.259
Sprint Race 2 Class Winners
GTA3Bob Mueller991.2 Cup1281:39.983
GT3Brian Lowrance1969 911441:39.998
GTA2Ana Predescu997.2 Cup1001:43.730
GT4Tom Weber1992 911541:45.227
GTD1Chas WirkenGT4 CS9031:51.425
911 CupAllen Wilt1972 911271:49.025
SPBDaniel Shofner1999 Boxster461:51.631
Sprint Race 3 Class Winners
GTA3Greg Esakoff991.2 Cup711:46.271
GT3Alex Steele1976 9114161:46.161
GTA2Ana Predescu997.2 Cup1001:45.628
GT4John Nelson1970 914-6421:46.006
GTD1David FabiGT4 CS241:50.715
911 CupAndy Simpkinson1968 911681:52.660
SPBDaniel Shofner1999 Boxster461:53.430

Thanks to all of you that drive with PCA-GGR, but special thanks to the volunteer Track Team that helps make these events possible. Grand finale at Laguna Seca, come and drive or just swing by and hang out in the paddock and grandstands. As long as you sign the waiver and wear our orange wristband, its free to get in.

See you at the track,