Never Stop “Motoring” 🏎️🤩

Fun Runs, and Rallies Motoring events were fully blooming this month, and it was such an amazing time with you all 🤗🥰

Talking about fun runs, we had an ecstatic Carmel Drive and Social event on Saturday July 15th! The event sold out in less than 2 minutes (another record), with 40 cars, and more than 50 participants! This fun run departed from Hollister, going past the east side of Pinnacles Monument and through some breathtaking landscapes of San Benito County in its first leg. After emptying bladders at the halfway point in King City, we continued westward to Carmel Valley to our lunch destination, by means of canyon some carving bliss. 🏎🤩🤗

As a treat we are sharing some of the amazing photos from this event: 

I would like to share a huge kudos to all volunteer drivers that made this event memorable, including Cheryl, John, Wen, Eyal/Yina, Jeanie/Tony, Subby, Bert (N.), Bert (C.), Lewis, and Diane!

What about Rallies? We had an amazing Mount Hamilton TSD Rally joint event between PCA GGR, PCA Redwood and PCA Diablo on Saturday July 29th! 46 entries total, of which 24 members from Golden Gate Region! 

I would like to share a huge kudos Jim (Rally master), Jerry, Gene and all other volunteers that made this event a huge success!

Looking ahead, what’s next?

  • ✅ Sonoma Drive and Social Event
  • ✅ Laguna Seca Raceway Experience Drive and Social Event
    • Saturday September 16th, 2023
  • ✅ Women’s Drive and Social Event
    • EVENT PLANNER: Judith
    • Joint event with PCA Redwood
    • Sunday October 8th, 2023
  • ✅ PCA GGR Caravan / Mammoth Lakes Porsche Tour
    • EVENT PLANNER: Ashod (Ashod will be providing the PCA GGR Caravan route as and Google Map links)
    • Friday October 13 to Sunday 15

So looking forward to seeing you all in our amazing and fun upcoming motoring events 🤗


Gilbert Bouzeid, PCA GGR Motoring Director