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We hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying your Porsche this summer. We have some exciting updates and important information to share with you, so please read on!

Reserve the Date: 11/18 (Saturday) – Upcoming Member Event

You spoke and we listened! Due to the high demand, we’re thrilled to announce our 2nd membership event. Mark your calendars!

We’re currently working diligently on the event details and will provide you with more information in our next newsletter. Stay tuned for what promises to be a one of a kind experience and exciting members get-together!

Meet Samer Bekhaiz – A Multi-Talented Porsche Enthusiast

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Samer Bekhaiz at one of our GGR motoring drives or autocross events? Not only is he an active Porsche driver, but he’s also a talented musician! He didn’t mention it much in the spotlight stories, but next time you see him at one of our events, be sure to ask him about his musical skills! 

I learned something new from Sam’s article. Do you know the right sequence for using the handbrake when parking your Porsche? Sam shared a valuable tip:

The proper sequence: Neutral, Handbrake, Release the Foot Brake, Park.

Follow the link and learn more about Samer!



Discover the Benefits of Working with Our Main Sponsor – Porsche Redwood City

Our main sponsor, Porsche Redwood City, plays a vital role in backing our world-class Porsche Redwood City Autocross Series, Track Series, and annual Autocross School. But that’s not all! 

Did you know, as a proud member of GGR, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on both service and materials when you choose Porsche Redwood City for your Porsche’s needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for maintenance or service, and be sure to mention your GGR membership to unlock this exclusive benefit.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

We celebrate all those who recently reached significant milestones with GGR. You are vital members of our community and help keep our group thriving!

If you happen to know any of the individuals on the list, please don’t hesitate to drop them a note and let them know just how thrilled we are about this special occasion. Your warm wishes and kind words will undoubtedly make their day even more memorable. Thank you for being a part of our celebration!

40 YearsMeredith Cilker(SAN JOSE,California) – 
 Carl Cilker(SAN JOSE,California) -1989 911 Carrera
35 YearsKrysia Musto(WOODSIDE,California) – 
 Mario Musto(WOODSIDE,California) -1965 356
30 YearsRobin Haisley(Seaside,California) – 
 Michael Lye(Rio Verde,Arizona) -2020 911 Carrera S
25 YearsElise Chase(APTOS,California) – 
 Jeff Chase(APTOS,California) -1995 911 Carrera
 Bianca Hertlein(NUERNBERG 90491,) – 
 Frank Hertlein(NUERNBERG 90491,) -2001 Boxster S
 Jeffrey Johnston(San Francisco ,California) – 
 Cherie Kwong(San Bruno,California) – 
 Michael Moschella(Monterey,California) -1972 911E
 Judy Murillo(SANTA CRUZ,California) – 
 Robert Murillo(Santa Cruz,California) -2003 911 Carrera
 Judy Priest(Palo Alto,California) – 
 Ed Priest(Palo Alto,California) -2008 Cayman S
20 YearsJim Miller(San Francisco,California) -1991 911 Carrera 2
 Julia Miller(San Francisco,California) – 
15 YearsJeffrey Haas(Loma Mar,California) -1965 911
 Katherine Haas(San Francisco,California) – 
 Edward Kupa(Alameda,California) -2003 911 Turbo
10 YearsAlan Alves(San Jose,California) -1962 356
 Malinda Alves(San Jose,California) – 
 Manoj Dhanapal(Seattle,Washington) -2014 Cayman S
 Michael Neumeyer(San Mateo,California) -1976 912E
 Tienhao Chen(Cupertino,California) -2014 911 Carrera 4S
 Antol Feher(Daly City,California) -2004 911 40th Anniversary
 Subhendra Ghosh(Los Gatos,California) -1995 911 Carrera
 Joyeeta Mukherjee(Saratoga,California) – 
 Ann Min-Sze Wong(Daly City,California) – 
 Rachel Chen(San Francisco,California) – 
 Mostafa Elhamy(San Francisco,California) -2014 911 Carrera
 Chris Yu(Menlo Park,California) -1973 911T
 Alex Gyure(San Jose,California) -2010 Cayman S
 Nancy Kochanski(San Jose,California) – 
 Dave Grannan(San Francisco,California) -2013 911 Carrera 4S
 Kristen Grannan(San Francisco,California) – 
 Rodney Ebstein(Menlo Park,California) -1995 911 Carrera
 Alexander Geranios(San Mateo,California) -2010 Cayman S
 James Geranios(San Mateo,California) – 
 Andrew Carpenter(Belmont,California) -2013 911 Carrera
 Mike Gibson(Belmont,California) – 
5 YearsRoberto Yepez(San Francisco,California) -2019 911 Turbo
 Chris Nishimura(San Mateo,California) -1960 356
 Candice Nishimura(San Mateo,California) -2022 911 Carrera
 Artem Rakhov(Sunny Isles Beach,Florida) -2017 Macan Turbo
 Katie Carney(San Mateo,California) – 
 Richard Nederostek(San Mateo,California) -2001 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet
 James Cutsinger(Burlingame,California) -2016 Cayenne Turbo
 Richard Button(San Jose,California) -2019 911 Targa 4S
 Brian Wong(Milpitas,California) -2023 Cayenne
 Melissa Wong(Milpitas,California) – 
 Mel Cacho(Hillsborough,California) -2018 911 GT3
 Frank Monteon(Santa Clara,California) -2018 718 Cayman S
 Helen Nisinman(Santa Clara,California) – 
 Marcella Silverio(South San Francisco,California) -2018 911 Carrera S
 Ricky  Silverio(San Francisco,California) – 
 Brian Claes(San Jose,California) -1970 914

Wen Shen

Membership Director