GGR on Track at Laguna Seca

As anticipated, Laguna Seca was a hit! Three day weekend + 105 db + newly paved surface = sold out event. But given that Laguna is the shortest track in the Bay Area (2.23 miles), there was concern of congestion on the track. The run groups sorted themselves out quickly and things were flowing pretty well. But what was unanticipated was that the congestion was off the track. Remember this event was two weeks before Rennsport Reunion, so there was a ton of construction in the paddock, all those tents and hospitality suites were all being built while we were hosting a sold out event. This resulted in very limited parking area; things got even more intense on Saturday when a GGR tour brought an additional 45 cars for lunchtime parade laps. But when all was said and done, the event worked out, everybody had a place to park, and nobody was injured.

Thanks to our track series sponsor, Porsche Redwood City, for providing all attendees (HPDE, Club Race, and Parade Laps) with beautiful photographs from Dave at Gorilla Tornado Photography. You can see and download the great shots at this link:

As the final HPDE event of the season, it was also the third Time Trial of the year. I want to congratulate all the participants and class winners for the inaugural TT season. The old saying “must be present to win” rings true here, not only do you have to set a couple fast laps, but consistent attendance is also key to earn season points:

ClassDriverModelCar #Season Points
FirstChasen GarciaGT4 CS35640
SecondKevin GrayGT33329
ThirdKelly GuglielmoGT39924
FirstPaul ThompsonGT378240
SecondJie Mao911 C2S/GT31935
ThirdSean O’BoyleGT46733
ThirdAnton D’Auria911233
FirstDan ZitterCayman S6233
SecondAllston MickeyCayman S86029
ThirdThwen ChaloemtiaranaCayman2125
FirstChris Utter94435245
SecondChristian StangierBoxster S66140

Thank you all for a wonderful PCA-GGR Track Season, until next month…