Rennsport Reunion 7

Rennsport 7 was certainly a highlight of September for me, a pretty busy weekend! Hello again if I met you at the track! Here’s one of my favorite pictures of the weekend, a whole row of 962’s ready to go out track (12 of the 100 odd 962’s built).

The event actually reminded me of the Historics, only Porsche only. Porsche has stated that this was the largest Porsche only event ever held with over 91,000 attendees. Porsche also debuted the 911 GT3R Rennsport, which develops 611 HP at 9,400 RPM. Yes, 9,400 RPM!

BTW, I did brave the line at the Porsche store there and picked up a few extra items for the Christmas raffle, so if you missed the event, at least you may at least be able to get something cool/interesting there!

The Christmas party this year is planned for Dec 10 (Lunch) at the Blackhawk Car Museum in Danville:

Like last year we will combine the Club Christmas Party and Awards Dinner into one great event. Stay tuned for more information soon.

Actually, this will be among my “last acts” as your President, as I complete my 6 year stint on the GGR Board (2018-2019 AX Chair, 2020 VP, 2021-2023 President). It has been my great pleasure serving in these various capacities over the years.

Ed Hunter

PCA-GGR President