September GGR Board Meeting Minutes

Porsche Club of America

Golden Gate Region 

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sept 6th, 2023


XPresident – Ed HunterAutocross – Himanshu Patel
XVice President – Brad ZucroffXMotoring – Gilbert Bouzeid
XSecretary – Melinda LinXTrack – Howard Yao
XTreasurer – Canyon ChanNugget Editor – Jim Tierney
XMembership – Wen ShenXWebmaster – Christina Hamilton
XSocial – Kate Efremova

Call to Order at 6:09PM


  • Welcome
  • Sponsor package discussion (+ Captain Mike)
  • Porsche RWC – Metal, more acknowledgement for what they do GG, donate about $75k, 10% discount w PCA membership (parts, labor – need to get the word put to members)
  • Charlotte-Award (Vu)
  • Christmas event(s) and door prizes
  • Regional (Q2) refund received
  • Subsidies Status:
  • multi2-500 (AX-received)
  • multi-3 750 (Track-received)
  • charity750 (Concours-received)
  • new member500 (next Membership event)


  • No updates


  • Vote to approve August Minutes = APPROVED


  • August financials = APPROVED
  • The bank account is up to $274k currently, but this includes ~$60k of Laguna DE registrations and only $22k of the event expenses so far (budgeted $143k), will be writing some large checks soon (but will also be getting $80k in CR registrations after the event).
  • Net of Laguna and uncashed checks written, our effective bank account balance is more like ~$200-210k. Should be $15k ahead
  • Should break even for the year

Membership Director:

  • Membership Update and vote to accept new members, total 3,791
    • Primary members 2,6829, Co Members 1,161, Honorary/Lifetime 3, PCA Jrs 131, Renewals 166, Dropped 62, New Members 57 = APPROVED
    • National active Members 15,767, Primary Members 104,173, Co-Members 54,594
  • 18 Nov 2023
  • Potential Partner:  European AutoTech
  • Location: European AutoTech
  • Agenda: Social and Tech Session (TBD)
  • Budget: TBD
  • GGR T-shirt

Autocross Director (sent in update)

  • 26 August Autocross #7, Salinas Airport, 57 drivers, explored longer map utilizing space previously reserved for paddock. Map was well received. It opens possibilities for longer runs at Salinas
    • 4 laps in the morning, 3 in the afternoon
  • 30 September GGR Autocross #8 at Sonoma Raceway Paddock
    • Leasing space from Hooked on Driving
  • 28 October Autocross #9 at Salinas Airport

Track Director:

  • Sonoma $15-20k
  • Laguna registration approximately 180
    • Next year 2 Laguna days (drop 1 BW), need 105Db days, 35 car track limit/pay extra for 40, 2.3 mil track, really short, 70 Club Racers wanted in – added extra run groups, complained that a lot of fees and not enough track time, if we make more money than needed (more than breakeven) provide coupon for next race/discount next year

Motoring Director

Social Director:

  • 26 August @ Autowerks San Ramon, 60 cars
  • 24 Sept C&C @ Ameswell Hotel
    • Holiday Party Ameswell Hotel, 700 cars, nice lawns, will offer free coffee and pastries, ballroom for 250 ppl, European vibe
  • Blackhawk Hotel option for Holiday Party?


  • Ed to email about action items that need to be addressed

Nugget Editor:

  • Last Issue stats/comments
  • Next Issue – Submission deadline 9/10?

Adjournment @ 7:54 PM

Topics for discussion:

Next Board Meeting: Weds Oct 4 (same location)

***Board Agenda Ends **

Elections committee – after meeting if time (if not will setup a separate Zoom to discuss)

Group 2 – election cadence [odd years]: 2021, 2023, 2025

  • President (Corporate Officer)
    • (2023) Ed will not run again, maybe Howard
  • Secretary (Corporate Officer)
    • (2023) Melinda will not run again, Alan Jung for 1 year, back up for treasurer for following year
  • Track Director
    • (2023) Scott K/Jim McC
  • Webmaster
    • (2023) would like to see if there is someone else, Christina to train; Howard might have a contact
  • Motoring Director
    • (2023) Gilbert will need a replacement – Cheryl Spot, John Ellis & Gilbert will assist
  • AutoCross
    • Himanshu, would like to leave, looking for midterm candidate, has up to 4 candidates

For example Group 1 election takes place from November 1st to the 15th of 2020 and the Group 1 members take office January 1st of 2021 and serve through December 31st 2023.