Autocross #9 (last points paying event of the season)

Attendees of Our Autocross #9 event opened their hearts by raising $1305 during this event. All fundraising proceeds go to our charity partner Rancho Cielo in Salinas, as mentioned in previous month’s blog. GGR is proud to match this $1305 and forward a total of $2610 to Rancho Cielo. Thanks again to everyone that contributed towards this worthy cause.

With time, the course design team is getting creative by adding challenging elements and length to the course. This course, designed by Brant Ballantyne, saw an average lap time of 45.731 from sixty-one participants. We had a fair share of DNFs at this event, with 61 out of 610 laps not technically considered as finished. On the other hand, half the laps (301) were clean laps. Drew Powers got the fastest lap with his lap time of 39.307, with Teddy Framhein coming in second place with his 39.651 second lap time. I am sure Teddy is looking forward to Drew getting his car back. The dominant duo achieved 1st and 2nd place finishes in PAX.

 Autocross #10:

Many of our drivers missed the massive space NASA Crows Landing Test Facility offers to the autocrossers. By popular demand, a bonus event (Autocross #10) is being held at the facility mentioned above on Sunday, November 12th. 56 registered cannot wait for Sunday to come around to participate in this non-points paying event.

Autocross schedule is posted at

2023 Year End Winners

Like all other years in the recent history, GGR saw a lot of competition in various classes and at PAX level. Final results are now posted at Autocross Results – PCA Golden Gate Region (


2023 GGR Autocross SeriesPAX Standings
Rank DriverPointsEvents Attended
1stTeddy Framhein5888
2ndBrant Ballantyne4968
3rdMonty Pack4765
4thHimanshu Patel4619
5thEd Hunter4558
6thDrew Powers4525
7thGrant Keyser4137
8thGrady Carter4038
9thPaul Smith3858
10thDave Dunwoodie3818


2023 GGR Autocross SeriesClass Standings
ClassRankDriverPointsEvents Attended
 1stCaevon Hekmaty1207
 1stEssy Fariab1005
 1stDave McGuigan1208
 1stChris Rife1166
 2ndStacy OConnell805
 1stGrady Carter1209
 2ndPeyton Chen1046
 1stBrant Ballantyne1208
 2ndConnie Lu1017
 3rdVibhu Bithar625
 1stHimanshu Patel1169
2ndEd Burghardt806
 2ndSid Huey555
 1stTeddy Framhein1168
 2ndDrew Powers925
 3rdAllston Mickey836
 1stRj Harrison1056
 2ndJohn Leet885
 1stPaul Smith1168
 2ndDave Dunwoodie1048
 1stEd Hunter1088
 2ndMonty Pack1005
 3rdAlan R Jung849
 1stSteve Forshay1005

Per our rules, half the eligible class winners from the above list will be awarded a 2023 season trophy. With a minimum of one trophy and a maximum of three trophies in every class.

2024 Preparations

The autocross committee is getting to work on the 2024 schedule and rules. Our goal is to finalize both the schedule and rules by end of January 2024.

Look forward to seeing all you Autocross Enthusiasts at our upcoming events.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair