GGR Track in 2024 and Beyond

Dear GGR Members, 

As we head towards the end of 2023, I just wanted to give thanks.

I’d like to thank the PCA-GGR Board Members for their leadership and support of the Track Series for the past two years. When people ask me what it’s like being the GGR Track Director, I say it’s like I have my normal full-time job, plus I run a small company on the side with a team of dedicated volunteers and a $500k budget, all in my spare time. For a non-profit organization like ours, that’s a lot of money and it consumes the lion’s share of our Region’s cash. So once again, thanks to the Board for not losing nerve and supporting our HPDE, Time Trial, and West Coast Racing Series.

Special thanks to President Ed Hunter for his support and encouragement for me to run for President and to GGR Membership for voting during the November elections. Now I just have to wait until January 1st, before I get the keys to Air Force One and the Secret Service reports for duty at my door.

Finally I want to thank our incoming Track Directors, Jim McClelland and Scott Kalkin, for stepping in taking on this familiar role once again. To KNOW all the effort it takes and STILL volunteer for the position speaks of the passion and dedication to our Track Series that Jim and Scott have.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you and your family. Make sure your Porsche will be in tip top condition as the Club will be putting on a wide range of events next year. Please try your best to attend as many events as your schedule allows, the thrill of driving your Porsche is always fun but the people you meet and befriend along the way is what makes it truly special.