2024 Rules Change – Adaptation of Zone 7 rules

We are excited to announce adaptation of zone 7 rules for the 2024 season. Our club has used the points-based system developed by GGR for more than fifteen years and is considered a benchmark of the car classification system. Over time, this system has become obsolete due to the software platform it resided on. For the last four years, we have been using the Zone 8 car classification system that our friends down south have been kind enough to let us use. Most of you have also experienced the car classification system developed by Zone 7. This system has been thoughtfully developed to address the concerns identified with the parade rules-based system. It has been used by all our sister regions for the last few years. After weighing the benefits and weaknesses of both systems, the planning committee has decided to adopt the Zone 7 car classification system for the 2024 season. Thanks to the eighty participants that registered their votes in the survey sent out last week. Your votes went a long way towards reaching this decision. Here is a snapshot of the survey results.

2024 Autocross Calendar (subject to change)

GGR Autocross3/9/2024SaturdayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross4/7/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR School4/20/2024SaturdayAlameda
Test and Tune4/21/2024SundayAlameda
GGR Autocross5/4/2024SaturdaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross6/9/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross7/20/2024SaturdaySalinas Airport
GGR AutocrossAugustTBD
GGR Autocross9/14/2024SaturdayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross10/13/2024SundayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross11/9/2024SaturdayCrows Landing

Autocross schedule will posted at https://www.pca-ggr.org/autocross/autocross-calendar/.

We have lost the August date at Salinas Airport. Alternate venue and date information will be posted on GGR calendar in due time.

Look forward to seeing all you Autocross Enthusiasts at our upcoming events starting with March 9th.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair