2024 Will Be A Great Year for Fun Runs!

(in response to the Nugget Editor’s comments in January regarding Manual vs PDK)
I’m sorry, Jim, with all do respect, I just have to post a brief rebuttal on your PDK comment.  I drove manual Porsches from 1971-2014.  I got accolades for driving, and parking, my later model 911 Cabs while wearing platform high heel shoes (OK, since COVID I’m mostly in flats) Anyway, while I love to row, and appreciate the built-in anti-theft feature – I’ve learned to appreciate the PDK for the amazing technology that is so very Porsche.   I admit it took me a while to learn how to drive the PDK – I was pretty lame at first – WAY over thinking it LOL!  I’m sure you know that the professional drivers at Porsche can NOT get a better 0-60 time in a manual.  While coaching the Ferrari Owners Club on how to do a drive like we do, I heard many Owners say Porsche has a much better “automatic” transmission. This I not your father’s TipTronic – I downshift all the time as I would in a manual to engine brake, and I upshift when appropriate.  All that said – I would not buy a car based on a manual vs PDK transmission – I love them both!

Moving on – 2024 will be a great year for Fun Runs!  I have some very big shoes to fill, and am so appreciative of the people who have stepped up as volunteers!  Thank you all!

Here is the work in progress for 2024 – I will update as we firm up dates and runs.

Please see the link for a live document – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o1b9ddkdDcGdPWj26othvL517h-F_V69FfRBtIp85UE/edit?usp=sharing

Looking forward to seeing you all on our Fun Runs and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Cheers – Never Stop Driving!      

Cheryl Spot
Motoring Director