Meet GGRs New Track Directors: Jim McClelland & Scott Kalkin

Greetings Track Enthusiasts.

Jim McClelland and I are thrilled to be working together again as your Track Chairs for 2024/ 25, especially since we get to do so with our longtime friends and Track Team members David Bunch, Milo & Diane Dorr, Richard Last, Ken Mack, Paul Marty, Parker Merrill, Sharon and Karen Neidel, Christian Stangier, Parker Merrill, Dan Thompson and Chris Utter.

As many of you know, seasoned GGR driver and instructor Steve Hogge has agreed to be our new Chief Driving Instructor and he has made a seamless integration with the rest of the Track Team. We are all looking forward to a great season.

One of our most important goals for the next two years is to promote excellent driving instruction and coaching for all our drivers whether they be beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Toward this end we will be encouraging all of our certified drivers to avail themselves of our instructor corps by means of lead-follow and/or in-car instruction on a schedule that meets each driver’s specific needs with the instructor(s) or his or her choice.

We anticipate that the instructors available to our certified drivers will include not only our regular instructor corps but also a number of our club racers and former track chairs and stewards.

In conjunction with making this additional instruction available, GGR will also be purchasing some data acquisition equipment we can transfer from car to car during the course of an event for those who are interested.

Once you have acquired the data for a session or two, using either GGR’s equipment or your own, we plan to have several knowledgeable folks available throughout the day to interpret and review that data with you.  You can them go back on track and put into practice what you’ve learned.

If any of you have suggestions for other ways we can enhance our program, we would love to hear what you have to say. Track (pun intended) us down either in person, or via e-mail at, and let us know what you have in mind.

Hoping to see you all soon.

Scott & Jim