New Rules for Autocross

2024 Autocross rules

GGR is adopting Zone 7 rules for the 2024 season. Information on Zone 7 rules and car classification procedure can be found at

2024 Awards rules

Most participants registering in non-FUN class earn points for finishing in a points paying position in their car class as well as in the PAX system. These points are accumulated throughout the season. Participants finishing in top of their class and the PAX system may be eligible for year-end trophies. Autocross enthusiasts are encouraged to visit “F1 – Series Scoring” section in to get familiar with the Zone 7 Awards rules.

Upcoming events

2024 Autocross Calendar (February 11, 2024 update)

GGR Autocross3/9/2024SaturdayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross4/7/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR School4/20/2024SaturdayAlameda
Test and Tune4/21/2024SundayAlameda
GGR Autocross5/4/2024SaturdaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross6/9/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross7/20/2024SaturdaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross8/11/2024SundayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross9/14/2024SaturdayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross10/13/2024SundayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross11/9/2024SaturdayCrows Landing

Autocross schedule is posted on PCA-GGR website. Visit for updated information.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair