Autocross March Update

Eighty-one participants enjoyed our first autocross event at NASA Crows Landing Test Site on March 9th.

Course was designed by Praneil Prasad. Drivers averaged a lap time of 82.289 seconds, with nine runs – four in the morning and five in the afternoon.
Congratulations to Teddy Framhein (P-06) for TTOD of 74.260 seconds. Teddy distanced himself from the second-place finisher – Drew Powers (P-04), with a healthy margin of 1.298 seconds. Teddy plans to hold no prisoners this year with his GT4-RS Bumble Bee.

Congratulations Teddy Framhein again for the fastest PAX time of 71.884 seconds. Drew Powers had a say in the matter by staying within a mere 0.018 second of Teddy’s PAX time. BTW, have you ever seen this? Brant Ballentyne posted his four fastest laps in the following order -78.283, 78.236, 78.279. Rest of the drivers in O-04 class, me included, are begging for mercy.

David Jeffords from Gorilla Tornado was taking pictures at the event. His pictures are available for viewing and purchase at

The next autocross event is on March 7th (Sunday) at Salinas Airport. Registration will open two weeks before the event at

Upcoming events
 Autocross Event #2: Registration opened on March 18 at 6 AM at

2024 Autocross Calendar (March 17, 2024 update)
Event Date Day Location
GGR Autocross 3/9/2024 Saturday Crows Landing
GGR Autocross 4/7/2024 Sunday Salinas Airport
Test and Tune TBD TBD TBD
GGR Autocross 5/4/2024 Saturday Salinas Airport
GGR Autocross 6/9/2024 Sunday Salinas Airport
GGR Autocross 7/20/2024 Saturday Salinas Airport
GGR Autocross 8/11/2024 Sunday Crows Landing
GGR Autocross 9/14/2024 Saturday Crows Landing
GGR Autocross

4 Sunday Crows Landing
GGR Autocross 11/9/2024 Saturday Crows Landing
Autocross schedule is posted on PCA-GGR website.

Visit for updated information.

Himanshu Patel
GGR Autocross Chair