April President’s Message

Dear GGR Members,

The Club is really hitting its stride – motoring¬†events, autocrosses, track weekends, cars & coffee, brunch at Alice’s Restaurant, it’s all happening and it’s all on our website calendar.¬†

Our Board members and key volunteers put on a wide range of activities to try and meet the interests of our large and diverse membership. However, if you have an idea for an activity that we haven’t put on, please reach out to me and make a suggestion. All member suggestions are discussed at our monthly Board meetings – we really do.

But for the past month, the weather has been so unpredictable, some days it feels like summer, then it becomes a rainy winter day again – all happening in April! Hopefully we are moving towards clear and consistent sunny weather, so we can wash our beloved Porsches with confidence that it won’t get wet and muddy a few days later.

Remember, a driven Porsche is a happy Porsche!

Howard Yao