Autocross #2 update

Fifty-two participants took part in our second autocross event held at Salinas Airport on April 7th. Drivers averaged a lap time of 41.482 seconds with twelve runs.

Congratulations to Teddy Framhein (P-06) for TTOD of 34.777 seconds. Teddy distanced himself from the second-place finisher – Drew Powers (P-04), who scored his fastest time of 35.309 seconds.

Interesting development at the top of PAX chart. Brant Ballantyne (O-03) rose up to the top of the leaderboard with his PAX time of 33.607 seconds. It is worth mentioning here that the second and third place finishers – Teddy Framhein and Drew Powers were close to each other with eye blinking time difference of 0.021 second, albeit 0.6 second behind the leader.  Such close competition at the top! We are witnessing the Cream of the Crop here. Drew feels bad (and owns up to it) for hitting a cone on his last run. I am sure, so does Teddy for losing focus on one corner.

Here is some interesting statistics:

It took majority drivers eleven or more runs to get their fastest times, with most drivers achieving this goal in their last lap.

This snapshot paints a picture of how the times of top three drivers compare with each other, while depicting their relative times with top drivers from other classes.

Here is the list of class breakdown of top ten PAX drivers. It highlights diversity of classes represented in the top ten PAX drivers.

Another top ten list of drivers that improved their times most significantly between the start and the end of the event.

Upcoming events

  • Autocross Event #3 at Salinas Airport on May 4: Registration is now open for this Zone 7 event at Information on Zone 7 autocross program can be found at Zone 7 Autocross Series – Zone 7 PCA.
  • Beginner Car Control Clinic (Autocross School) at Alameda on May 25.
  • Advanced Car Control Clinic (Test and Tune) at Alameda on May 26.

2024 Autocross Calendar (April 21, 2024 update)

GGR Autocross3/9/2024SaturdayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross4/7/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross5/4/2024SaturdaySalinas Airport
GGR School5/25/2024SaturdayAlameda
Test and Tune5/26/2024SundayAlameda
GGR Autocross6/9/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross7/20/2024SaturdaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross8/11/2024SundayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross9/14/2024SaturdayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross10/13/2024SundayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross11/9/2024SaturdayCrows Landing

Autocross schedule is posted on PCA-GGR website. Visit for updated information.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair