March GGR Board Meeting Minutes

Porsche Club of America

Golden Gate Region

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2024


XPresident – Howard YaoXAutocross – Himanshu Patel
XVice President – Brad ZucroffXMotoring – Cheryl Spott
XSecretary – Eric WilsonXCo-Track – Scott Kalkin
XTreasurer – Alan JungCo-Track – Jim McClelland
XMembership – Wen ShenXNugget Editor – Jim Tierney
Social – Kate EfremovaWebmaster – Christina Hamilton

Call to Order 6:17pm


  • Attended Zone 7 Presidents meeting last Saturday
    • 9 of the 10 presidents from Zone 7 regions were present
    • Hosted by Brian Adkins (Zone 7 Rep)
    • Lots of enthusiasm, Brian encourages collaboration among regions
  • Zone 7 Awards last Saturday evening
    • Himanshu received class & Zone 7 PAX championship awards
    • Mix of Autocross & Concours people were in attendance
    • Zone 7 Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Larry Sharp, who has played many roles for GGR
  • Attended National Meeting of all PCA Presidents this past Monday
    • Proposal to raise membership dues by $10 approved – first raise in 13 years, still less than rate of inflation
  • Nominations taken for additional 2023 Club Awards
  • Next year (2025) will be the 65th anniversary of Golden Gate Region PCA!
    • We should consider doing a big event to celebrate the milestone
    • Think about it and we’ll brainstorm in the future

Vice President:

  • All insurance is in place for track events we’ve confirmed


  • Finalizing 2024 Board Directory
  • Vote to approve Feb 7, 2024 minutes: APPROVED


  • Feb 2024 financials discussion, vote to accept: APPROVED
  • 2023 Taxes
    • Olen Creech has generously filed GGR’s 2023 taxes
    • We netted $79,000 over 2023, with $52,000 contributed by Track (primarily due to Laguna Seca), $7,800 from Motoring, and $6,4000 from AX. Other events lost money or broke even.
  • Current bank balance: ~$299k 
  • Our bank balance is expected to decrease significantly over the next month as deposits are placed for various events throughout the year, with income coming in later in the year.

Membership Director:

  • March 1, 2024 member counts
    • PCA GGR
      • 3,830 total (2,651 primary members, 1,176 co-members, 3 honorary)
      • 136 PCA Juniors, 103 renewals, 65 dropped, 36 new members
    • PCA National: 160,878 active members (105,610 primary & 55,268 co-members)
  • Vote to accept new members: APPROVED
  • Upcoming Member Social Event on March 23, 2024 at Autovino

Autocross Director:

  • First event coming up Saturday, March 9 – strong registrations
  • Following events are
    • Sunday, April 7 at Salinas
    • April 20-21 Beginners Car Control Clinic & Car Control Clinic at Alameda
  • Propose offering a $50 coupon towards a future event to instructors (similar to last year) – expected to be neutral to the budget

Track Director:

  • Instructor Training event received rave reviews
  • Sponsorships
    • Jim M and Ed Hunter are meeting with Porsche Redwood City later this month
    • Jim M working on other sponsorship opportunities
  • Data Acquisition: two VBOX units purchased and will be available on a rental basis (for an extra charge) at events
  • Forming a Time Trial Committee and planning for next event to include a Time Trial
  • Permanent number assignment system will be continued

Motoring Director:

  • First event – Valentine’s Drive – had 18 cars (4 new members) with some drop-outs (likely due to rainy weather)
  • Next event – March 16 – is already sold out


  • No update (not present)
  • Howard helped reconcile Club Awards and Past Club Officers on the GGR website – that will be the golden copy of this information going forward

Nugget Editor:

  • Submission deadline for this month’s newsletter is March 11
  • Email authentication issue between Google’s PCA-GGR emails and Constant Contact has been sorted

Social Director:

  • No update (not present)

Adjournment 8:18pm

Next Board Meeting: Apr 3, 2024 @ Scott’s House, with Brad presiding as Howard will be traveling