St. Paddy’s Day Sunny Fun Run

Wow, what a difference a month can make!  The weather difference between the soggy Feb Valentine’s Day Run to the sunny St. Paddy’s Day Run was a truly pleasant change..  

Our crack planning team had checking moving quickly at the starting point in Los Altos.  We welcomed 3 new first time participants! and of course lots of familiar faces and cars to round out our group of 40 cars.  Many thanks to our members who have mastered the registration process, and  get their MSR E-waivers submitted ahead of time for them and their passangers.

Group 1 left on time south on Hwy 17 for only a short distance to one of the most fun & challenging routes in the bay area ( Summit Road – Hwy 35 ).  As some of you know my go to Navigator is Heather Anne Kornberg, on this day due to family commitments I had to call on a backup.  Not long after the start he already had us off on an unrecoverable alternate route on a well paved very long private road.  Our only misstep of the day, and, as usual, our group showed nothing but kindness and understanding.  The day was picture perfect, with low to no traffic as we made our way to Hwy 84 at Alices where there was the usual array of beautiful cars and motorcycles that can be found there on a nice day.

Then we drove to La Honda, continuing south on Alpine for a short jaunt before turning West on Pescadero Creek Road.  Our first stop provided a brief reprieve at Samuel Adams State Park, a lovely Redwood Grotto. We continued on to Hwy One, again encountering very view bicycles and traffic.  Next stop was a fun stop at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, with a spectacular view of the Pacific.  On our pre-run we had determined it was a potentially large enough area to hold our full group. We were not disappointed, beautiful clear skys, the blue Pacific below, mustard plants in bloom and a green berm as a back drop, the perfect setting.  Then out of no where in to the middle of this idyllic setting arrives an interloper in the form of a Black Mustang convertible with two large fellows ( also dressed in black ).  Initially it appeared they may not be obliged to cooperate and move to another spot.  Well did we get a surprise.  Aleksy & Bartek are huge Porsche fans, owners, drivers and had just landed at SFO hours before. They headed to Hwy One (couldn’t have picked a better day!) to see what California was about, and could not believe their luck to run into our group.  About 20 cars had arrived at this point.  Both are active members of Porsche Club Poland and are connected to Porsche Centre Warsaw.  They were especially intriqued by the color of our member Kurt Kruger’s 2012 4S Cabriolet ( Cream White /aka Cremeweiss / code 51A ).  Evidently a rare color combo in Poland and only a PTS these days.  We had a fun time learning about their Porsche stories ( they had many along with photos of their cars ) and pending US adventures. They stated their US trip could not have started any better for them.

After our Pigeon Point photo stop we were only a short distance to the Davenport Road House.  Due to some early planning and communications, they were able to accept our full group with inside or outside seating and we had a fun lunch and social time. 

Looking forward to our Spring Drive April 27th.  Please consider joining in on one of our Fun Runs, and Never Stop Driving.