Autocross: Improvising In The Rain

Who would have thought we would have heavy rain in May in Salinas? Well, rain or not, sixty-two determined drivers participated in our third autocross event in wet conditions. Weather forecast called out for wet conditions. True to the forecast, it started sprinkling around 10 AM and things got worse in a hurry. The long course designed by Teddy Framhein afforded everyone three runs in the morning, albeit most of them in wet conditions. Event had to be called off early from the dangers of standing water on the course. Recognizing the wet surface being perfect for honing one’s car control skills, afternoon sessions were instead converted to skid pad exercises with two pads running simultaneously. Most participants took part in this event.

Congratulations to Teddy Framhein (P-06) for TTOD of 49.560 seconds. Monty tried to catch Teddy, but ended up almost a second behind with is top time of 50.506 seconds.

It was a familiar scene at the top of PAX chart. Teddy Framhein (P-06) achieved the top PAX time of 47.974 seconds, with Mondy chasing him with is top PAX time of 48.890 seconds respectively. Drew Powers drove himself out of contention by bringing wrong tires to an Autocross fight. A decision I am sure he regrets.

We also witnessed the P-05 drivers rising above others with Dave Dunwoodie and RJ Harrison garnering the third and fourth spot in PAX standing.

Another interesting development. Ed Burghardt and Grady Carter ended up having identical times for their fastest laps. These two drivers have been playing cat and mouse game for the longest time.

Upcoming events

  • Autocross Event #4 at Salinas Airport on June 9: Registration is now open for this Zone 7 event at Information on Zone 7 autocross program can be found at Zone 7 Autocross Series – Zone 7 PCA.
  • Beginner Car Control Clinic (Autocross School) at Alameda on June 22.
  • Advanced Car Control Clinic (Test and Tune) at Alameda on June 23.

2024 Autocross Calendar (May 12, 2024 update)

GGR Autocross3/9/2024SaturdayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross4/7/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross5/4/2024SaturdaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross6/9/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR School6/22/2024SaturdayAlameda
Test and Tune6/23/2024SundayAlameda
GGR Autocross6/9/2024SundaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross7/20/2024SaturdaySalinas Airport
GGR Autocross8/11/2024SundayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross9/14/2024SaturdayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross10/13/2024SundayCrows Landing
GGR Autocross11/9/2024SaturdayCrows Landing

Autocross schedule is posted on PCA-GGR website. Visit for updated information.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair