What is Autocross?

“Autocross” is the safest and least expensive way to experience driving your Porsche at the limit, but at a safe, relatively low speed (typically less than 55 mph). We recommend attending some autocross events in order to sharpen your car control skills before heading off the the track, where speeds are a bit higher. Many end up preferring autocross to the track simply because it is less expensive and also offers a timed, competitive element. No special equipment is needed to autocross, just bring yourself and your car, the club will provide the instructor, loaner helmet and even tape to put a number on the side of your car!

First-timer GT4 with stylish number rendered with painter’s tape, photo credit: Gorilla Tornado

In order to facilitate these types of events, the club will rent a retired airfield or parking lot and a course will be constructed of soft orange cones (specially selected not to damage your shiny Porsche). The course is different every time, so learning the course is part of the challenge! GGR currently holds 8-10 events a year at various sites like Crows Landing NASA Airfield, Salinas Municipal Airport and Laguna Seca.

Typical Course Map at NASA Crows Landing Airfield

Typically you will receive 8-10 timed runs around this course throughout your day and you can measure your progress against “like” cars in your class. This means if you bring your stock Boxster, that you’ll compete against other stock Boxsters and Caymans (and not against the GT3’s and GT4’s). A lot of people just come for the fun of it and don’t join the competition, though we do encourage everyone to class their cars at least (not required). At the end of the year, trophies are handed out for the fastest drivers in each class.

Presentation of CC15 1st Place in Class Trophy at the 2022 Awards Dinner at Canepa’s

Additionally, there is a PAX championship (somewhat akin to a golf handicap) that occurs at the same time. PAX Awards are also handed out at the end of the year for the top 10 PAX drivers.

It’s a lot of fun, join us!

Grid of Porsches at NASA Crow’s Landing, Photo Credit: Gorilla Tornado