Whereas completing the GGR Student program is a firm requirement for drivers new to track events, it is not always a practical or reasonable requirement of intermediate or advanced drivers. GGR offers experienced drivers a means to have the Student Program requirement waived if certain criteria are met.

In order to obtain the Student Waiver, experienced drivers must have significant, appropriate experience with and endorsed by other track organizations.

By “significant,” we mean more than a few events; by “appropriate”, we mean that such experienced drivers must be able to function in a Driver’s Education (as opposed to racing) environment where drivers are given lots of room, passing is via “point-bys,” courteous driving is expected and risky behavior is shunned; by “endorsed,” we mean that an official from the other driving organization(s) must be able and willing to provide their endorsement of your safe behavior on track and ability to follow event protocol.

If you feel you are a good candidate for a Student Waiver, please do the following:

  • Update your driving experience resume in your MotorsportReg profile. Be as comprehensive and detailed as possible to provide us a good initial review of your track driving experience.
  • Contact GGR’s Chief Driving Instructor at cdi@pca-ggr.org indicating that you intend to request a Student waiver. If you are a Nationally Trained PCA Instructor, please indicate so. If you have a valid competition license, especially a PCA Club Racing License, POC Competition License, IMSA Competition License, (not provisional) or SCCA Racing License, please indicate this and be prepared to provide evidence of this prior to completion of registration.
  • Have an official(s) from the other driving organization(s) (as similar to PCA as possible) contact us (email preferred) and indicate what organization they represent, their position in the organization, who you are, some indication of how long they’ve known your driving, and their endorsement of your safe behavior on track and ability to follow event protocol.

A very small committee will review your request and respond as to whether your Student requirement has been waived.

Note: GGR reserves the right to send an instructor with a Guest Driver for a check-out ride in order to validate that this program is working properly.